180: Day 11: Unit summaries online

There has been debate in the Modeling Instruction community over how to handle “summaries” at the end of labs/units. We like summaries because they provide our students a place to go to see conclusions that are agreed to as a class–but we worry about them because students may not be as engaged in the labs/discussions if they know the “answers” will be posted at the end.

Such is the life of a teacher 🙂

This year, I decided to try a summary after each unit. At the end of the unit, I will project one student’s screen and s/he will type in the words the class agrees on. I’m starting with more involvement, but hope to remove myself from the discussion as we progress through the year. I am using Schoology’s Discussion feature, students who aren’t clear on the summary can always post questions (and, hopefully, responses!) later.

We just finished our intro unit, the goal of which is to introduce students to plotting data and making predictions from those plots. Here is the conclusion from one period today:

screen shot of one unit summary

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