Before we were scared…

I wrote this poem in 1998. I think it still applies 18 years later.

Image of "The Scream" by Edvard Munch
The Scream by Edvard Munch
Before we were scared
the streets were our own
we'd wonder the town
and call it our home;

anyone we would see
we could ask for the time
and sometimes we'd even
give us a dime.

Before we were scared
our doors might be locked
but bars didn't exist
our windows to block;

porch lights were turned on
when we were expected,
a motion detector
didn't make us protected.

Before we were scared
we didn't need a phone
inside of our car
only in our home;

our numbers were listed
our names we could find
if we wanted to call us
we really didn't mind.

Before we were scared
our streets all had shops
and sanitized malls
weren't one of our stops;

and guards weren't in stores
only in the banks
the merchants they knew us
they'd give us their thanks.

But when weren't we scared
was it ever that way
is it just what we think
looking back from today;

was life really better
is that just in our heads
to justify our fears
as we lay in our beds.

And if we were scared
and nostalgia's a screen
then we're left in a world
that's not so serene;

and to banish our fears
to some far away ground
we must start making friends
with all us around.

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