AAPT meeting in Portland and my bike trip home

I’m leaving today for the American Association of Physics Teachers summer meeting in Portland, Oregon. I’ll be presenting a workshop at the meeting (see next post), then riding my bicycle to Eugene then down the coast back to Berkeley. You can follow my cycling exploits here: www.crazyguyonabike.com/doc/?o=RrzKj&doc_id=7183&v=V

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  1. Hi Lee,
    According to our IT guy, you can send the family pictures to me at the above e-mail with “j-peg”. If you’re interested, I have some family history about the Beckwiths.
    I’m looking foward to reading about your trip from Portland to SF. I bet the administration at your school LOVES you for the minimal expenses!
    By the way, the heat index is around 106 F here. (GROSS!)

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