End of the year teacher evaluation for my physics students to complete

At the end of each school year, I have my students complete an evaluation of the course. My goal is for them to reflect (1) me, (2) the class, and (3) themselves. I find the evaluations extremely valuable. Scary at times, but valuable. This last year wasn’t one of my best, and the evaluations showed that to me. But I also got feedback that showed it wasn’t as bad as I might have feared (not that it was a horrible year, just that I think I wasn’t at my peak). With so many students, the bulk of the evaluation is multiple choice, but there is space for students to write comments about particular questions, or comments about issues not raised in the questions. I use bubble-in sheets so I can scan them and export the results to a spreadsheet, which allows me to get in and really sort through the data.

I’m attaching it here for anyone who might like to use it as a skeleton for their own: Word format and PDF format.

Frank Noschese has me thinking that this year I need to give the evaluations a few times during the year.

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing. I am a Jr. High Math/Science teacher and I appreciated the feedback. I am going to use this data to help improve my teaching efforts for next year. My principal thought it was a great ‘risk-taking’ activity that was well received.

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