Drive 55 MPH on Spare the Air days

Spare the Air signWith the batch of Spare the Air days in the San Francisco Bay Area in the last few weeks, I came up with an idea that would probably save a lot more gas than trying to get people to carpool and take transit (not that I’m suggesting we stop this, but I’m not sure how many people really switch on STA days). My thought would be to change the speed limit to 55 on Spare the Air days.

I’m not sure how legal this would be (with all the permanent 65 MPH signs), but at least all those huge fancy digital boards that CalTrans has could read “Today is Spare the Air: Please drive 55”.

Spare the Air portable signDo you like the idea? Call the Bay Area Air Quality Management District: 415-749-4900

Fuel economy vs speed

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  1. This is an excellent idea and I thank you for offering it. Of course the very fact that we have days when it is unsafe to breathe should be reason enough to reconsider the personal automobile as acceptable.

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