Bicycle maps on Google: Petition

A great group of folks ( have developed an online petition to request that Google add “Bike There” check box to Google Maps.

If you haven’t explored Google Maps recently, it’s worth checking out. One of their options for directions is “Avoid highways” which is halfway to a bike friendly mapping experience. Google has also added a “Take Public Transit” option, and they are adding more transit agencies as you read this.

One of the options being suggested is a “Shortest Bike Route” and “Most Bike Friendly” options. The second option would take you on bike routes whenever reasonable (they’d have to figure out some way of deciding how much longer is acceptable for the bike friendly route: 10%, 20%, etc.) .

Take a moment to sign the petition:

Remember, having bike friendly mapping software not only helps bicyclists, but also lessens the number of bikes on busy roads and sidewalks, as well as getting some cars off the road when people discover how easy it is to bike.