Results of online grading survey

Last week I posted a survey of online grading practices. I announced the survey through several email lists I participate in [1], as well as on my Facebook “wall”. The survey was open for five days, and resulted in 164 responses. I make no attempt to pass this survey off as statistically accurate representation of all teachers/schools–the respondents come from a class of teachers that is actively pursuing professional development and fairly tech savvy–but the data do provide in insight into the practices and views of a relatively widespread group of teachers/schools (see Question 9 below).

The entire data is available to see on a Google spreadsheet here.

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Summary of responses

Question 1: Of the respondents, 96% post assignment scores in some way.

Top four systems:

  1. PowerSchool (37)
  2. Edline (15)
  3. Skyward (12)
  4. Infinite Campus (10)

Complete list here.

Question 2:What is your school’s/district’s policy on posting assignment scores? View comments here.

80% Teachers post in a timely manner; 15% teachers are not required to post; 5% no system for posting

Question 3:What portion of your school’s teachers do you believe post assignment scores/grades online?

61% all post; 26% more than half; 8% less than half; 4% none.

Question 4:How would you rate the satisfaction of the teachers at your school with the value of your system? A majority of teachers at my school find…

Question 5:How would you rate the amount of time you put into communicating with individual parents? [N/A responses–those who do not have a system or have only taught with online grading–are not included in the pie.]

Question 6: How satisfied are YOU with the general impact of posting assignment grades online? (Please reflect on how the system has impacted your teaching. If your system has some annoyances–mine sure does–please try to overlook these when answering this question). View additional submitted comments here.

Question 7:How would you grade the system your school uses? Overall grade–including user interface, parent/student access, time required on your part, etc. No grade inflation, please šŸ™‚

Question 8: Is your predominantly school (check all that apply)?

Question 8: Locations Approximate location of responders based on ZIP Codes provided (not all submissions had ZIP codes, and some are just the central ZIP code for the city, not for the specific school). The markers in the Atlantic Ocean are from ZIP codes that geocoded to Europe.

View Locations of responders in a full screen map

Question 9: Viewother/general comments


1. Email lists include:

  • National Science Teachers Association (NSTA) Physics list
  • NSTA Pedagogy list
  • Modeling Instruction list.

Survey of teacher use of online grading systems and their implementation

Expectations of teachers

If you teach at a middle school or high school, please take a couple minutes to answer this survey. I will post results here in mid-December 2012. (Apologies for the multiple scroll bars.) I’ve reached the capacity of the free Survey Monkey site (100 responses!), so I’m making a copy of it. If the survey don’t appear below, it means I’m tweaking the code–try back in a few minutes and the survey should be back live.

Create your free online surveys with SurveyMonkey, the world’s leading questionnaire tool.

How to assocaite .cls (class) files with GradeMachine in Windows 7

select program screen

If you are installing GradeMachine in newer versions of Windows (7 for sure, I’m not sure about XP), the program will not automatically “associate” the .cls (class) files with GradeMachine — the result is you cannot double-click on a .cls file and have GradeMachine open for you. The following steps, in Windows 7, will correct this problem, and let you double-click away for the rest of your career…

Continue reading “How to assocaite .cls (class) files with GradeMachine in Windows 7”

New Grade Machine support email group

GM LogoGrade Machine’s creator, Misty City, closed and sold the program to Pearson, who then stopped work on and support for the program. So it’s up to the users of Grade Machine to help each other out. A new Google group is designed for peer-to-peer support for this wonderful grading program. You can find and join the group here: If you are a user of Grade Machine, please join the group to help keep this software alive.

Grade Machine operating system checks

Since Grade Machine is no longer supported, we may start moving into operating systems (e.g. Windows XP, Mac OSX) that Grade Machine will no longer run under. Please add a comment to this post if you have installed Grade Machine on your operating system, and if you have been successful or not. This will help users who are upgrading their computers, or whose schools are upgrading their computers, to know if the program will work on their new computers.

I have successfully run Grade Machine version 6.9.5 on Windows XP with Service Pack 2 and Service Pack 3 (service packs are major upgrades to the operating system, and are generally a good thing to install because they often fix security holes).

Grade Machine is dead, long live Grade Machine

The grading program I have been using for over ten years, Grade Machine, has been purchased by an educational conglomerate (Pearson), who will discontinue support for it effective August 31, 2008.

They have posted a “License editor” that allows users to generate the registration key required to re-install the program (you need the serial number from your purchase). The nice thing about this is that if you have your own copy (I do, since my new school doesn’t use GM), you can change the name that appears on the top of reports. Just enter your serial number, the name you want, and then re-register the program (use menu: Edit then Register). I just used this to add the name of my school to my name (I had not included my school name when I purchased it just in case I change schools later).

I have backed up a copy of the License editor you can download from here. This is an important piece of software if you or your school opts to keep using Grade Machine and ever want to change the name on reports.

I have worked with several other grade programs over the years, and found Grade Machine to be one of the best (they all have their problems, but GM seems to have the least).

So, are you a Grade Machine user? Do you want to keep using it even after Pearson stops support? If so, add a comment to this post. If enough people post saying they want to keep using it, I’ll try to set up a place on the web where we can do pee-to-peer support when problems arise.

Updated August 2010: Here’s a great web site with plenty of resources for Grade Machine users:, including download-able software and manuals. Here’s another great source of GM tips:

Update August 2012: I’ve posted the final distributed versions of GradeMachine installer below. You’ll still need your license number, but many people have lost their original disks.

And remember, if you’ve lost your Activation code, you can generate one with the License editor you can download from here.

And for those who are wondering how many people are still using GradeMachine, some stats from my blog: I get over 100 hits each month on my main GradeMachine post, and another ten or so on my GradeMachine operating systems post.

Update September 2012: Here is a page with instructions on how to “associate” GradeMachineĀ  class files (.cls) with GradeMachine, so when you double click on a file, GradeMachine will open (it will also give them a nice GradeMachine icon).

Update July 2015: If you need just a generic set of codes, here are some you can use. For the Encoded Name, use Teacher, and for the Serial Number use 12345678. Here are the Verification Codes, depending on your operating system:

  • Windows: 6021-0599-6268-2165
  • Mac: 6023-0599-6076-1864
  • If, for some reason, you need a Cross platform code, use: 6024-0599-5012-1865