Picked up my new car !!

Well, the taxi driver got lost on the way, but I made it to the car dealership and there was my nice shiny used car waiting for me. I’ve driven it about 100 miles (to Karen’s house), and it seems to be working well. The car has NO automatic anything, and it’s amazing to be back in the world of roll up windows and manually locked doors. Those remote controls are amazing. Now I just have to re-learn to remember to lock the back doors when before I close them. Those remotes sure are handy. I’ll fill up the tank for the fist time tomorrow and will learn what kind of gas mileage the thing is getting.

The car is a 1999 Saturn SW1 (their smaller wagon) with 94,444 miles on it. Got it for a nice $3,000 (single owner, clean Carfax, etc.). It’s driving nicely.

Hanging out in the Vegas airport

Hanging out in the airport corridors plugged into charge the laptop.Well,  I had an hour or so to kill in the Vegas airport, so what else to do but gamble. I only lost $14 in the quarter slot, cha-ching. Then it was off to my gate to hang out and wait. Now I find that my flight has been delayed an hour. That gives me 16 minutes to get to my connecting flight to Wilmington. Wish me luck!

The image on the right shows (barely) what happens these days in airports. The corridors are lined with people at the plugs charging their laptops and phones. You can see a bigger picture here. There’s not many outlets in the seating areas of Oakland and Las Vegas airports. I think I’ve seen them more in other airports. Maybe they’ll put them in with the next remodels 🙂

Fun at the Oakland airport

Well, first off, fly Oakland whenever you can. No wait at the ticket counter, no wait for the security check point. Just keep walking through 🙂

I got here about four hours early (I finally got all packed), so I had lots of time to kill. I found the Castlemont High School Knight’s Cafe in the airport, it’s run by students from Castlemont High. I got a decaf soy mocha (of course) and sat down to drink it. I got to talking with a woman there who asked if I had just attended my high school 20th reunion (I have on my BHS 20th reunion t-shirt). Turns out she’s writing a book about parents and kids (she’s a counselor in elementary schools in Portland), and asked if I would mind answering some questions for her book. I, being the shy and introverted person I am, of course said yes. She had some interesting questions, but I wouldn’t answer her questions about what I’d ask myself if sitting next to us was me at 80 back from the future.  I guess I just don’t want to know what the future has in plan: I’ll just wait and see what it will bring. I’ve had a good enough life that I am not worried about what the future brings (and, of course, there’s the whole can you really change the future if you know what it is, ’cause if so, do you really know what the future is?)

After talking with her, I proceeded to my gate, still a couple hours ahead. Then they announced that all people flying to Philadelphia or Charlotte (me) should return to the ticket window (at the front, outside security, this is important later) because they had arranged a shuttle to SFO where they had non-stop flights in store for us. I headed out to the ticket window, only to find that this was for the flight scheduled for a couple hours before my flight, going through Phoenix, which was running late. Guess they figured no one would be there two hours early and think they were talking about my 8:20 flight.

So, it’s back through security (love Oakland’s: no lines!) and back to my gate. Now I’ve only got an hour to wait for my flight, so figured it’s time to add to the blog.

Suddenly next to me I hear a kid’s voice “Grandma, it’s me, pick up the phone.” What a great ringtone. Guess I’ll have to get Bijou to record a similar tone for me soon 🙂

Well, time to sit and enjoy another hour in the airport. Life really is much more pleasant when you’re not in a rush…

Last minute packing for North Carolina and more

Oh my, it's after midnight and I'm still not packed.Well, tomorrow I take a plane to North Carolina to get a car, for a physics teaching workshop, and a great road trip back. I’ll be posting here throughout the trip, so stop back by to see what’s up. If you forget the password, it’s the name of my granddaughter !!

The photo on the right is after midnight, and I’m still not finished packing 🙁

Lucky the plane doesn’t leave until 8:30 pm.