Physics on the Subway: Take your class on a field trip!

Workshop at NSTA San Francisco Conference

I will be presenting a “short course” at NSTA in SF on March 11, 2011. I don’t have resources for this version up yet, but below you can find documents from my 2005 presentation in Chicago. This time I’m in my “backyard,” so we’ll actually go out on the subway (BART) and run some of the experiments on the trains.

Here’s a map of the 2011 trip: Staring at the Grand Hyatt Hotel, walking to BART (about 0.3 miles), subway to Balboa Park station, then returning.

Presentation at NSTA Chicago Conference

November 11, 2005

Other resources

  • Student handout for BART tip (PDF, 195kb) (I don’t write in Word; if you want a word version, do a web search for “pdf to word conversion” and you can get an copy you can customize for your class.)
  • Vernier Software LoggerPro data (.cmbl, 56kb). Taken on BART from about one minute out of Pleasant Hill Station to just out of Rockridge Station. Data gathered using Vernier low-g accelerometer.
  • Short movie of a ball accelerating–coming soon (.mov, 348kb)
  • BART’s home page.

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