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Timeline of my posts

Oct 15

The pleasures of a relaxed morning commute

Photo of Caltrain passing the trail

A commute can be what you make of it. Here is an example of one of my typical morning commute...Read More

Jun 28

Happy fathers’ day to all my fathers

On Fathers’ Day this year, I heard a sermon by Rev. Vanessa Rush Southern at the Unitarian Church of San Francisco that challenged member of the congregation to think of all the ‘fathers’ in our lives. As one who is not a biological father, and has only experienced a child’s early years with my granddaughter—both of my stepdaughter joined my life when they were over 13—I was moved by this idea of celebrating the ‘unusual fathers’ in our lives. I reflected, and came up with five fathers I have had...Read More

May 06

Why building housing on Peoples’ Park is not, and will never be, a good idea.

Preserving People's Park is more than just preserving the history of the '60's, it is about preserving open space in our ever-crowding city...Read More

Apr 16

Solving ‘roller coaster’ energy problems

This tutorial walks students through solving energy problems involving roller coasters. Includes solving for speed at different locations, and solving for normal force at the top of a loop...Read More

Feb 20

Swords to Plowshares at the national weapons labs: Late 70’s/early 80’s

In 1979, UCNWLCP published a document titled "Shaping Alternatives at Lawrence Livermore Laboratory: A Preliminary Analysis." That document, which focused on converting the lab from weapons to human needs, is available online here...Read More

Oct 21

Beach cleanup daily — without leaving your home

photo of trash in garden

Learn how collecting trash around your house helps keep your neighborhood clean, and helps keep trash out of our waterways...Read More

Aug 31

Back to School Night – Menlo-Atherton HS, 2017

OK, maybe I'm in the minority, but I really like Back to School Nights. I appreciate the parents taking time out of their busy lives to come in and get a sense of who is teaching their students. ..Read More

Mar 17

How I generate science tutorial videos

image of an old film camera

A tutorial on creating videos for science education (or any other instructional theme)...Read More

Feb 26

Videos of building molecules, and showing chemical reactions, with candy and toothpicks

Image of Ethyl acetate glowing for cover

This post includes a couple of videos to provide students with examples of how to solve a couple of tasks in chemistry. One is "building chloromethane" and the other is "Ester synthesis from acetic acid and ethanol."..Read More

Jan 26

Modeling Instruction and NGSS: Energy as a Crosscutting Concept

NGSS 3D learning logo

At the January 2017 Lasallian Symposium at St. Mary’s College in Moraga, CA, I presented a short talk describing how Modeling Instruction uses energy as a Crosscutting Concept for implementing the Next Generation Science Standards. You can download a copy of the slides from my talk here. Video (without narration)..Read More